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Project Reports

Semester-4 Final Project Report

  1. A Project Report on Investers Preference on Commodity Market:
          by Parekh Vidhi and Modasiya Pratik.
          Guided by Prof L. T. Dharmvani

    2.  A Project Report on Analysis of Perception of Customer's towards services of Plastic Money offered by bank
    by Bhatt Dhara and Vipani Kajal
          Guided by Prof L. T. Dharmvani

Human Resource Management:

1. A. Comprehensive Project on Job Satisfaction of Coca Cola Company by Dhara Rathod and Radhika Rajapara 

2. A Comprehensive Project Report on Employee Engagement at P. M. Diesels Ltd., by Shiva Patel and Quadari Kishwar.


1. Impact of Celebrity Endorsement of Television Advertising on the psyche of People with Reference to Soft Drink by Anjana Dholakia and Piyusha Sangani  

2. A Project Report on Measuring the Customer's Preference Between Organized and UN-Organized Retail. by Bindi Karia and Mihir Vasani

Semester 2

1.  Financial Research Report on Leverage Analysis Undergone at Junagadh Jilla Madhyasth Sahakari Bank, Junagadh.

2.  The Summer Internship Report on Comparision between Kotak Mahindra bank and HDFC bank

3. The Summer Internship Report on Comparision between Kotak Mahindra bank and HDFC bank by Jaksania Nirav. 

4. A Financial Research Report on Leverage Analysis undergone at Junagadh Jilla Sahkari Bank, by Bhatt Pratik 

5. A Summer Training report on Ambuja Cement by Manek Vimal 

6.  Project Report on Credit Management of Junagadh Jilla Sahakari Bank by Joshi Abhishek

7. A Summer Intership Report on Relaince Mutual Fund by Lakhyani Lavina 

8. Training Report on Revenue Recognition by Percantage of Completion Method by Vithalani Kunjan 

9.  “Market research on the Consumer Satisfaction for Magazine” by Dholakiya Anjana

10.  Customers’ Approach Towards Amul Products In Light of Marketing Mix At AMUL INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD. (RAJKOT) by Avlani Bhavin

11.  A Report on Financial Performance Analysis at Saurashtra Cement Ltd., by Modha Sumit.

12. A Research Report on Customer Preference on Advertising Media of SKSE Security Ltd., by Kansagara Umesh

13. A Research Report on Employees Satisfaction of Pratic HighTechWork Pvt. Ltd.,by Savaliya Abhay 

14. A Summer Project Report on Hiran Orgochem Ltd., by Mangroliya Manoj 

15. A Summer Internship Report on Analyzing portfolio management of Professionals in mutual fund (for Reliance mutual fund) by Madia Komal.  

16. Research Report on Utilization of Welfare Facicites by Employees of Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd., Veraval. by Vora Khushbu. 

17.  A Project Report on Ratio Analysis at The Co-Operative Bank of Rajkot Ltd., by Sojitra Dhaval.

18. A Summer Intership Report on Employee Satisfaction Survey With Reference to Austin Engineering Company, Junagadh. by Baluch Mehvish. 

19. Summer Intership Project on Load and Advances of the Co-operative Bank of Rajkot Ltd., by Rathod Ajay

20. A research Report on Working Capital of Ambuja Cement Ltd.,Kodinar by Patel Mitesh