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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The new desi manager finds order in chaos

Circa 1970: Visualize the typical Indian manager in his dark safari suit. Acquiescent and respective of his superiors, with a strong sense of personal loyalty, he liaised between the sethji and the employees, had a good instinct, native business acumen, and knew how to work the political system.

Fast forward to the present: Executives discuss policy and strategy around the conference table, referring to their laptops. Watching them, I am struck afresh at new ways of functioning.

What is the role of the Indian manager today? How has the desi management style evolved?

Any worthwhile answer must necessarily delve into the changed circumstances in which business is conducted. Liberalization and technology have ensured that the world of business has become singular and borderless, and is based on new rules and processes. In the altered scenario, the role of the Indian manager has been enlarged by the sheer number of stakeholders he is now responsible to. He is a motivator and mentor to his colleagues, innovator to his customers, crafty financial expert vis-Ã -vis the capital markets and problem solver and target achiever to his boss.
 full story available at Times of India

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