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Friday, July 8, 2011

Are you on time ?

Are you on time ?

In todays world where punctuality and productivity go hand-in-hand,it is essential that employees realise the importance of being on time and utilising every minute in the office efficiently 

- Palak Bhatia 

Be it arriving at office on time,not taking an extended lunch break or finishing assignments well before the deadline,punctuality reflects upon an employee and his/her career-consciousness a lot.These little gestures are sufficient for reminding everybody at the workplace that you are a serious and dedicated player who is willing to go the extra mile in order to rise professionally.Apart from displaying your sense of commitment,it also shows professional etiquette and mannerism.
Punctuality of an employee can go a long way in boosting a positive picture of his/her to different members of the office.Rahul Kulkarni,head - HR,Kale Consultants,explains,Punctuality does make a difference if you want to earn and maintain the respect you wish to have at the workplace.Every organisation expects its employees to be sincere and dedicated towards the responsibility assigned to them without compromises.Punctuality can pay you rewards,while the vice-versa can highly degrade your image in the office.The effect of regularity is apparent on different people in the following manner: 

1) Boss - 

If you are always punctual,people will naturally assume that they can count on you.If you arrive to work on time,hand in your assignments on time,are punctual to meetings and functions,your boss will think of you as a dependable person.

2) Colleagues - 

Being on time for a meeting or official work shows that you value the time of other people.If you are punctual,your colleagues will trust you and appreciate your dedication and the engaging behaviour.Respect your co-workers and you'll get theirs as well;

3) Juniors - 

Juniors will give attention to you only if you stand by the words you preach and are able to manage or control situations on time. 
Unpunctuality in case of presentations or project deadlines can be particularly disastrous,both for the company as well as the respective employees career,as last minute efforts are never the best and are highly prone to glitches.Sunil Goel,director,Global-Hunt elaborates,In most of the projects,time-lines for deliverables are defined and there are incentives and penalties attached to it.Punctual efforts can bring in fortune for the employees in the form of incentives and benefits,simply by completing the project on time or before the deadline.And not being punctual can eat away at the profit of the company as well as the job of the manager.Punctuality is especially important in fields like equity trading,aviation,public transport industry,consulting,services,etc.as most of the above industries are paid on the basis of their time and investments.Punctuality is a reflection of a person and his/her seriousness for a particular task.It not only creates an edge above others,but also brings in maximum success for employees. 
Regularity and promptness at the workplace is therefore,vital for any employee.The always late people need to give immediate notice to their habits and try to improve,for lateness can put a question mark upon any employees work and priorities.
Source: Times Ascent

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