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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Do you have a hobby?

Do you have a hobby?
- Unnati Narang

Nurturing a hobby even if the most unusual one can be rewarding in more than one ways. In a corporate career with tough deadlines, work pressures and high performance standards to meet, hobbies can also help one unwind and distress in a big way.

Apart from just having a hobby, some individuals go ahead and make it easier for others to have their own hobbies too. Krishnan Madhabushi, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Kwench Library Solutions Pvt. Ltd. understood the importance of reading as a hobby, for corporate employees. Hence, his enterprise provides convenient access to a wide variety of books, which can be selected from their online catalogue and ordered online. This nurtures the habit of reading. Madhabushi adds, "Developing a hobby is critical, especially something like reading habits. Reading is amazing. Our qualitative and quantitative feedback has reinforced this. In number terms, our users said that after using the library for six months, 98% of them were spending more time reading books. Most people in the corporate set up have been avid readers at some point in their life as both professional and personal responsibilities increase overtime. Reading is important as various books may enable personal development, professional development as well as work-life balance."

Even if you are not actively going out there and creating a hobby-based enterprise, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your passion in free hours. For Ninad Karpe, MD and CEO, Aptech Ltd., it is Formulae One racing. He started following the sport when he was working at Computer Associates, where the collaterals would come to office in Mumbai from the US and it just triggered his interest in the sport. After that, there has been no looking back. He explains further, "I learned about the sport by reading as much material as was available on the sites and subscribing to the magazines that I could. For me, F1 goes beyond just being a sport. As I watch innumerable races, I realize that any F1 race is not won by the fastest car. At the end of the day no race is won without teamwork, speed, accuracy and above all, strategy. It is this heady combination that translates itself into so many day to day experiences and strategy lessons that make F1 so enjoyable and meaningful for me, which can be learnt from any F1 race."

True, a hobby adds much vigour and energy to one's daily life, something that even translates into better performance at work. There are many add-ons it can bring to one's career and relationships with people at work, in general. Karpe sums up, "I believe in the adage that ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'. There must be life beyond work and only a meaningful interest can help you. All work is neither healthy nor complete in itself. Beyond the stress of work, a hobby helps unwind, engaging the mind in activity that is meaningful for a person. Also, a hobby is imperative when you retire. Any hobby gets more prominence when a person retires!"

Source: Times Ascent 

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